First off let me say that many people choose not to breed their guinea pigs simply because they do not have the money, time or room and it’s always good to take those factors into consideration.

If you do decide to breed your guinea pigs it’s a good idea to see how many breeders and availability are in your area first. This will give you an idea about how much competition you will have when it’s time to sell your new puppies. If you determine lots of competition, then you may have a hard time selling them.

A good breeder is knowledgeable and can talk with some expertise with potential buyers to explain what things they will need to provide care and do for their new pet.
Provide your buyers with a detailed list showing the types of food that guinea pigs can or cannot eat. After all you want the new owner to know as much information as possible about their new cavy.
Hundreds of guinea pigs die each year simply because their owners do not know the proper care for them or often times just breed them constantly.
One of the best thing you can do is have adoptions arranged and ready for before breeding your guinea pigs. This way you know they will be going to a good, loving home and you will not have to seek out buyers for them.


You will need to wait till your female is at least 4-6 months of age to let her deliver her first set of puppies. That way she has had time to mature.

You will need to provide the female with extra space just as they would have in nature. The females cycle is usually about 16-18 days. The female will also only be able to have relations with the mate for about 8-24 hours of their cycle.

Jodi Adams is an Author and Guinea Pig enthusiast. For more information on breeding guinea pigs check out the website at and see you soon!

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