Lake Market fish bazaar – IMG 0669 e

Image by Eric.Parker
At the wonderful Lake Market fish market in south Calcutta (Kolkata)

Participate in the annual autumn mackerel fishing season has ended. Flood lights around the year catchable fish since fish never sees participation Flourishing mackerel. Catch 5 tons, 10 tons of net production is extremely lucky, that in previous years, even 20 tons 30 tons 50 tons a web has become a good memory. Mackerel fish flood season has been difficult to participate in the formation of grim facts placed in front of people.

It is understood that this year, 12 sets of lights in Xiangshan County, Zhejiang fishing vessels by the end of June around catchable, because of bad sea conditions of production as early as the end of August to stop clamoring. Similarly, known as “lights around town,” said group of lights around Zhoushan Putuo 275 ship production efficiency is less than satisfactory, worse than the previous year. So, this year’s exactly where the fish mackerel parameters gone?

According to the source and the oldest of the fishermen, this year’s weather, sea conditions were normal, but the flood lights around the fish production is not ideal, the reasons are manifold. First, the summer heat early this year, but the sea surface water temperature is about 1 lower than the previous year is not conducive to the production of fish, mackerel and participate in the formation of fishing season. Second, high-priced diesel fuel. To save production costs, explore the center of the fishermen to give up fishing, concentration and other effective methods of fishing, but the rule of thumb, with the feeling, stick to the traditional fishing luck. Third, destruction of illegal trawl fisheries resources affected the lights around the flood season this year, mackerel fish resources in place volume of participation.

In recent years, with the decline of traditional fish resources and work space narrowing, development of light-seine fishermen’s summer closed fishing on adjusting the industrial structure, an important way to increase revenue, in most coastal fishing zones are restored and developed a light-seine operation. Thus, when the bottom was briefly able to rehabilitate fish stocks, the Floating Life pelagic fish became the object of people’s pursuit of hunting, then the reference fish mackerel is also doomed. When the use of marine fishery resources beyond the capacity of renewable fish resources, fishing boats as the conflict began more than a small fish horizon. All this makes reference fish mackerel difficult to form the flood season.

China from the 1995 East China Sea, Yellow Sea and South China Sea fishing moratorium in the system to implement the three sea areas, achieving notable results. To this end, Xiangshan fishermen fishing moratorium in advance again, and the proposed extension of time, about 1 month fishing moratorium in the time ahead, from a year at 12 o’clock on the May 16 to at 12 o’clock on the September 16 round fishing moratorium. Because, every year in September, October is the best fishing period in May each year shall be low-yielding and juvenile growth stage of. Fishing moratorium extension and early protection of major economic benefit from the source, protection of fish breeding juvenile pelagic fish resources, is conducive to sustainable development of fisheries around light. Similarly, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Ocean and Fishery Bureau of Investigation in the fishing village, the survey, fishermen, fishing moratorium is also a strong call for greater efforts.

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Ed loading a .50 caliber muzzle loader

Image by Rubink1
Putting the powder in. Keeping his powder dry.

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Image by pacres
Discount ticket for the 2009 Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition



Image by Florida Sea Grant