Getting a quote from someone, can be an even harder task than resolving your information gap in the first place. If you need information on classic auto transport so that you can ship that gorgeous Mustang you just got from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, getting the quote and price to ship the car settled, is your first priority. And if you can get a trusted company that will look after your vehicle on the same kind of professional rig that dealers use, then you are halfway there already.

When you contact some customer service departments you often wait for hours and when there is finally a response, it sounds like the person you are talking to is living at the bottom of the well. I wonder how often they change the batteries on their headsets? Since we live in a technological age, what better way to get a quote (that you can then also print out and have in writing immediately) than to contact a classic auto express shipping company right on the web. A lot of companies use the web these days in place of a brick and mortar store. That way all of their energy and expertise can be directed towards helping and growing their customer base, because they don’t have to worry about real estate, just shipping cars. And these days and in this economy, mortgages that don’t have to be paid are one less huge thing to worry about. Shipping your car via an express company can be stress free and the sooner it arrives, the sooner you can relax.

An antique of classic car is a precious, often unique, thing. The less chance there is that something will get damaged or fall off of your vehicle, the less chance there is of you falling over from shock when you find out. Or, what if, due to an unprofessional company, the driver of the hauler carrying your vehicle broke down in the middle of the Mojave Desert because he or she forgot to check on the cooling system? Better to ship your vehicle on an enclosed rig that could be a tad more expense than a regular open trailer, but very much worth the little bit extra cost.

Get your classic auto express quotes right away via email, plan out when and where you want your classic vehicle to arrive (and leave) and be stress free for the rest of your Mustang’s journey to its new home. I suppose, because it’s a Mustang. you could tell your friends that it will be corralled in your barn. They will laugh, because they are your friends, and they also admire the beautiful new car.

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Dog News Magazine. February 25, 2011. Single Issue Magazine. Volume 27 Issue 8 (gch. alpine’s highwayman jelly)

Dog News Magazine. February 25, 2011. Single Issue Magazine. Volume 27 Issue 8 (gch. alpine's highwayman jelly)

VOLUME 29, ISSUE 14 APRIL 5, 2013. GCH Nakodo’s My Blue Heaven on cover.

List Price: $ 24.00

Price: $ 24.00

CafePress – micro pigs sleeping Mousepad – Non-slip Rubber Mousepad, Gaming Mouse Pad

CafePress - micro pigs sleeping Mousepad - Non-slip Rubber Mousepad, Gaming Mouse Pad

  • This quality non-slip mousepad measures 9.25″x7.75″ and features rubber backing to keep your mousepad from sliding.
  • The durable top surface on this mouse pad is professionally printed with the unique or funny design, and is optical-friendly for improved mouse tracking as you use it.
  • Use this as a gaming pad, or simply to protect your desktop from scratches. Treat yourself, or make our mousepads a great gift for bosses or co-workers!
  • Machine wash this mousepad on cold and gentle cycle for easy care, dry flat. IMPORTED.
  • We offer 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Your satisfaction is our promise, and returns/exchanges are made easy.

CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the unique item you’ve been seeking. Personalize your office space with a fun mousepad. This quality non-slip mousepad with rubber backing not only looks great, but also protects your desktop from scratching. The durable top surface is professionally printed with the unique or funny design, and is optical friendly for improved tracking as a gaming mou

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 6.15

A local moving quote can save you time and hassle, and if you obtain this quote from more then one source you can find a great moving company to work with. There are several places where you can obtain the quotes that you seek. Exploring these options will make your move a memorable one for all of the right reasons.

You can ask your friends and family for advice on who they used for their local move. You may find that if you simply look in a phone book that you can become overwhelmed very quickly. Asking around can produce very sound results that you can trust.

You may want to call a moving company you are interested in and see if they will come out to your home and this can give you a feel for the company. Having a representative of a moving company in your home also allows you to get a very accurate quote.

The Better Business Bureau can be a tremendous resource that you may want to use to investigate the moving companies that you want to know more about. If you find that a company has many complaints, you may want to stay away from this moving company.

You may have a very valuable resource at your fingertips on your very own home computer. You can obtain several quotes often in one location and this can save you a tremendous amount of time and provide you with very detailed results. You can choose from a long distance or short distance move and then get a variety of results.

When you are using an online comparison site it is still important to make sure that the moving company you are interested in is licensed, insured and bonded. You want your items to be protected and checking out a moving company can help keep your satisfaction high.

You need to remember that no matter which moving company you choose for your local move that you are responsible for all of your items. If you make a list of all of your items, it can help you to make sure that you have all of your belongings when you are in the unpacking phase of your move. You do not want to realize a long time later that you do not have all of your items.

A local moving quote can save you heartache later and there are many resources to help you find the best local moving company for your next move. Simple planning in the beginning can help you to have the results you want when you are ready to take the journey of your next move.

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Plethodon welleri (Weller’s Salamander)

Image by Andrew Hoffman
August, 2009. Tennessee.

For more information on salamander diversity in the Appalachians, check out this link:…

1946 Animal Farm George Orwell 1st BCE w/ BOMC News Insert HBDJ

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In other colony cat news, Dash is acting super cute this morning.

Image by vansassa

Last Boat to Fort Benton

Last Boat to Fort Benton

Very late in the Civil War Confederate Colonel Thaddius Kingsley and the tattered remnants of his regiment board the steamboat West Wind in St. Joseph, Missouri. He tells Captain Zachary Cole that the war is lost and they are heading for the goldfields in Montana so they can return to their homes with the resources needed to rebuild. Kingsley brings his beautiful daughter Rebecca along, reassuring Cole of his intentions. They are headed for Fort Benton, the head of navigation on the Missouri River more than two thousand miles away. Kingsley and his daughter learn just how slow and laborious it is getting a steamboat up the very shallow and treacherous Missouri. But Kingsley is sailing under false colors. He seizes the West Wind and states his intention to sweep the Missouri of steamboats and confiscate their treasure to continue the war. Cole is torn between saving his steamboat and thwarting Kingsley’s intentions. And Major Nathan Van Hill, a disgraced Union Army officer on board, is determined to stop Kingsley. Kingsley manages to enrage the Sioux at a village, and that results in a fierce battle as well as the Sioux dogging and harassing the West Wind on the long remainder of its journey upstream. As news filters in that the Confederacy is rapidly collapsing, Kingsley becomes increasingly more desperate in his efforts and Van Hill becomes more desperate to stop him. The result is a tragic and bloody steamboat versus steamboat engagement precipitated by Van Hill. Cole and Rebecca have a testy relationship from the beginning. But the rising crescendo of violence is transforming for many involved, and the two find a growing attraction to each other. But will anybody on the West Wind actually get to Fort Benton alive?

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