Animal shelters are facing serious budget problems as the economy continues to falter. Contributions are down at most shelters across the country and your local animal shelter is probably one of them. Most animals are basically defenseless and require human intervention for their well being. If you have any concern for animals there are things that you can do to support the welfare of animals in your local community. Remember how we treat our animals and pets says a lot about us as a society.

One of the most important ways in which you can support your local animal shelter might surprise you. If you have pets take care are of them. Don’t create more problems for the animal shelter in your own community. Have your pet spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted and uncared for pets from roaming the streets or countryside where you live. If you are not part of the problem then you are already helping and have become part of the solution. Be responsible not only with your pets but in every area of your life. Personal responsibility is sorely lacking in todays culture and by taking care of animals that your are responsible for you are doing your part to alleviate the animal cruelty that exists in the country today.

Many animal shelters would appreciate some free help. In fact many animal shelters rely on volunteer help as they are unable to hire individuals for many of the duties that must be performed at the animal shelter. Donating just a few hours of your time a week can lessen the burden on the regular staff and give the animals under their care some much needed tender loving care. It will be a rewarding experience for you as well as the animals give you their love and attention.

Financial help is almost always needed as animal shelters are usually under funded to start with and are one of the first program to suffer when cutbacks are made. If you would like to help your local shelter financially but down have the cash to help out by using a little creativity you can usually come up with a way to support the shelter. Consider holding a bake or garage sale and let people know that all proceeds will go directly to the local shelter. Many people who otherwise would not participate in something are more then willing to help out when it is for a good cause. Use your imagination and you can probably come up with dozens of ways to help out financially.

Animal shelters are one of the last lines of defense for abused and neglected animals. By doing your part to support this worthy cause you will helping those that share the planet with us but can’t speak for themselves and you will feel better about yourself knowing you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

Unique ways to help your local animal shelter can be found at Animals Are Love. If you are an animal lover offering both your time and financial help can make a big difference in an animals life.

We Love Dogs – Orvis National Adoption Event
Event on 2017-03-11 10:00:00
Dogs share our beds and couches and the fires that warm us, and they copilot the journeys we take. They are our best friends, the ones that give us unconditional love. They are family.

Looking for your newest family member? On March 11, 2017, as part of its We Love Dogs campaign, Orvis is teaming up with local pet shelters across the nation to host dog adoption events at most of its retail locations. Available shelter dogs, looking for forever homes, will be waiting with wagging tails to meet you at the Orvis store in your area:

• Chicago, Illinois – 312-440-0662

Volunteers from local shelters will be on site to introduce their furry pals and give details on the adoption process.

*****Please check with the local store for exact time of event.*****

Orvis is a national sponsor of the Petfinder Foundation. With the help of their generous customers, Orvis has raised and donated more than 0,000 in the past five years through its Customer Matching Grants to fund Foundation support to more than 12,000 shelters throughout the United States.

For more information on Orvis, please visit or contact your local Orvis location.

at Orvis Retail Store
142 E Ontario Street
Chicago, United States

She came to be known as a lady of compassion who has a heart full of love. She is loved by people of all religions in the world. By birth she was a Yugoslavian- Born in the year 1910 she was a Yugoslavian citizen by birth. She was given a name and purified by the church. This place now known as ‘kolkata’ is the capital of west Bengal, in India and this is where she came after her high school studies in Yugoslavia. For few years she worked as sister of Convent and then left it. She had made up her mind to dedicate her life for the poor in the slums. Even outside India, these mercenaries helped the poor and she promoted these many groups to be a part of it. Its incredible the way she felt for these poor people She helped them physically also. She was known for her dedicated love and compassion, for these helpless poor people who had nowhere to go.

Due to her continuous effort in compassionate work and humanitarian activities, she was a recipient of many awards throughout the world. Every time she was awarded these prestigious awards, the entire world said she well deserved them.

She ceased to be in her physical form. She is kept alive by people all over the world by her famous quotes. Whatever she said about love and peace, is remembered in the form of her quotations even today.

At a time when there were many great poets; he made his presence felt like none other. They were married very young. She gave birth to 3 children later. In later 1590’s he took up full time writing as his career from the heart. His talent was appreciated in both forms and the monetary gains were good especially when he wrote and acted in ‘King’s Men’s’. Some said he wrote them while others did not agree to this. The plays were mostly revised or collaborated.

Sonnet is a little song with a little sound and he wrote these with the themes of love, humanity and beauty. The sonnets he wrote about love, beauty and humanity were a total of 154. The literary groups discuss them and appreciate the aesthetics in each of them. Sonnets are generally composed of 3 quatrains with 14 lines followed by closing couplet. These two poems had lines that became very famous quotes, soon after these were published. Both these quotes appealed to many people all over the world. These quotes found their place in the earlier publication as well.

There is no doubt about the popularity of Mother Teresa all across the globe. Both Mother Teresa and William Shakespeare have left behind, a legacy of beautiful and meaningful words that they believed in, themselves.

Find more info on Shakespeare Quotes and mother teresa quotes.

Petmate Portable Pet Home, Extra Large, Dark Taupe/Coffee Grounds Brown

Petmate Portable Pet Home, Extra Large, Dark Taupe/Coffee Grounds Brown

  • Quality Material used for your pet’s best health
  • Designed in the USA with high standards set
  • Trusted for decades in the pet industry and setting new standards
  • Perfect travel companion for pet owners on the go
  • Heavy-duty canvas construction with zippered mesh door and mesh side vents
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Side vents have shutters for perfect climate control
  • Includes sheepskin pad, 4 ground stakes, and convenient carrying case

Petmate Portable Pet home allows you to set up pet containment most anywhere. Comes with climate control windows covers for all 4 sides. Utilizes water resistant canvas and comes with 4 ground stakes for outdoor use. Comes with convenient carrying case. by Large 41 by 29 by 32 Taupe/Dk Brown

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1 Safe Stylish Pet Cat Carriers Easy Open Wide Top Load Door Fully Assembled Easily Place and See Cats Dogs Rabbit Small Animals inside 16×11.63×10.25 Free Soft Fur Mat Purple (Lavender)

1 Safe Stylish Pet Cat Carriers Easy Open Wide Top Load Door Fully Assembled Easily Place and See Cats Dogs Rabbit Small Animals inside 16x11.63x10.25 Free Soft Fur Mat Purple (Lavender)

  • EASY TO OPEN WIDE TOP LOAD LIGHTWEIGHT CARRIER- Wide opening make it easier & quicker to place pets in carrier. Wide Opening make it very easy to comfort your pet in the carrier.. Less Stress For Your Pets with Easy Wide Top Door Access -(Carrier Size: 16″L x 11 5/8″W x 10.25″H)
  • WHY IT’S SO DURABLE-NO ASSEMBLY REQUIREDED-No Fussy Zippers to struggles to open or close..Carrier will not collapse on your pet. Cats can’t claw them and dogs can’t chew their way out of this carrier like mesh carriers.
  • EASY ACCESS AND WELL VENTILATED Open Air Slots–Pet will be able to see you & you can easily your pet. Your Pet won’t feel like they are enclosed in some kind of case or box. No need to fuss with stuck zippers annoying knobs to open and close carrier 2 Large Handles-make carrier easy to carry
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE IN THE CAR-Pet carrrier can be seat buckled onto car seat
  • NO FUSS SECURE LOCK AND SAFE PLACE FOR PETS TO Hide- Cats can Safely snuggle up and hide when your pet goes to the vet–Pets can receive medical treatment, shots & still hide in pet carrier.Easy To Clean-A 100% Rust-Free Carrier. We Guarantee carrier works as advertised or your money back.

Free fur pillow included. Seen in Cat Fancy, Modern Cat blog and Love Cats magazinesFully assembled -ready to use-no missing part or frustrations to assemble carrier because carrier is already assemble for you. Lightweight Carrier, Faster Load Time, and claw proof. When you hear a click, you’ll know it’s locked-Trusted by many Pet Rescue GroupsGreen Pet carrier-100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back-If for any reason you’re not happy with the carrier return for a refund your money. Free

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Hugs and Hisses: My Mission of Love as a Shelter Volunteer

Award-winning author, animal communicator, and Reiki practitioner Sharon E. Cathcart shares tales from her humane education work in this new memoir. Sharing stories of both happiness and heartbreak, Cathcart brings us into the challenging world of animal rescue. All proceeds from the book will benefit Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Price: $ 2.67
Sold by Kobo Canada

Emotional Support Therapy PTSD Mesh Padded Soft Puppy Pet Dog Harness Breathable

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Emotional Support Therapy PTSD Mesh Padded Soft Puppy Pet Dog Harness Breathable
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Emotional Support Therapy PTSD Mesh Padded Soft Puppy Pet Dog Har
End Date: Friday Apr-21-2017 15:40:16 PDT
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Mural by Suzi Beber

Mural by Suzi Beber

Image by Nutmeg Designs
Painted mural with glass gems by Suzi Beber of Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund for ending canine cancer.

Creative Pet Group 2-in-1 Oatmeal Shampoo And Conditioner For Dogs Helps 20 Oz
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Managing the Canine Cancer Patient: A Practical Guide to Compassionate Care

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Pink & White Flannel Greyhound Dog Pajamas *100% Donation 2 Cure Canine Cancer
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