Your Dog Can Find It.

Sunday April 10th at 2:30 PM  Trina Eddy  Att he FidosCityGuide Arena

Dogs have very incredible noses and can be taught to find about anything.  They are used by police, military and border patrol to search for explosives and drugs or to track down predators. 

Service professionals use dogs to locate mold in houses and commercial buildings, rodent nests and their access points, bed bugs, termites etc. 

They are used by search and rescue teams to locate people both living and deceased, sometimes under water.  Canada uses them commonly to detect cancer in patients. 

My current project is teaching my dog, Bridgette, to find turtle nests for a conservation project. The list goes on and on of what these amazing animals can do with their noses to help us.

Your dog does not have to be a professional working dog to learn how to find an object.  You can teach your dog to find something like your keys, remote control or cell phone just for fun.  Most dogs can learn this skill and they already love using their noses.  If your dog is motivated by treats or toys, you can teach them to find.  You just have to decide what item you would like to teach them to find and follow some very basic steps.

The "Your Dog Can Find It" workshop will give you a hands on opportunity to start this training with your dog.  I will perform a demonstration with Bridgette, show you the training steps and hand out instructions on how to continue the training at home.  I will assist in getting you started on this fun, productive game at the workshop.  There will be plenty of time for questions too.  I will have a DVD available to purchase with further training instructions.  This is a very simple game both you and your dog will enjoy.


FidosCityGuide Arena

Saturday April 9th  2:00pm

Sunday April 10th  1:30pm

K9 Nose Work is a new dog sport fashioned after the work of professional scent detection dogs. It allows your dog to use the natural desire to hunt, and the unique ability to detect scent and determine the source. In training, dogs learn to find one of three scents just about anywhere you can hide it. The equipment requirements are minimal, as is the time needed to practice between classes. Training and competitions include searches in four elements: interior, exterior, containers and vehicles. Just about any dog can do K9 Nose Work. There are dogs enjoying the sport that are old, deaf, blind, or three legged, reactive, shy, etc. The relationship is strengthened between dog and handler, and handlers have an opportunity to learn about dog body language as they watch the dogs in their class progress.

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We invite you to join in CELEBRATING

at the

10th Annual

Northwest Pet & Companion Fair

This year’s theme is “Think Adoption First”

May 7th & 8th, 2011

Saturday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Your Well Behaved Pets are welcomed to come too. In fact, we are working on a fun Best Dressed Pet contest for this year. Your Pets admission is only One Can of Pet Food or a Dollar. All Pet Food is given to the two local AniMeals on Wheels groups. Last year these two hardworking volunteer groups helped to serve over 12,000 pet meals, which owners are receiving meals from Meals on Wheels. The dollars help cover the extra insurance we have to carry for privilege of having all the wonderful well behaved pet enjoy this community Pet Event.

We are proud to be known as the largest indoor Pet Adoption and Pet Social event in the Northwest. Each year over 25 nonprofit Regional Rescue and Shelter groups join in, along with our over a hundred retail and service businesses, to make this two day event one fun place to be, especially when you add over a 1,000 of very well mannered pets. Join us this year and have one very friendly and fun outing, find some great deals in on Pet products and Services. There are always some great Show Special to be had too.

Well Mannered Leashed Pets Welcome!   Fee: One can of Pet food or $1.00

Adults $7.00        Seniors & Students $5.00        Family Pass $20.00

Get Directions To the Expo Center

for visitor and exhibitor information please visit

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