I currently have a cat, two hamsters, a ten fish gallon tank (and I am considering getting hermit crabs)…I was raised in a sort-of farm like atmosphere and I really miss having alot of animals around…I love all my pets and care for them dearly, however I just don’t feel complete without alot of animals around; they make me happy!…I only have a small space so the cat is the only large pet I can have for now (I will be moving in a couple months to a larger studio apartment and can get a second cat then)…however, I do have more than enough room for a few more fish tanks or small cages…I was wondering what are some fun pets that don’t take up much space?
I’ve read a lot of good things about gerbils, hermit crabs, certain fresh water fish, but I’d love something a little more out there…I’m not a big fan of reptiles besides turtles (and I HATE snakes-deathly afraid of them) I have also considered various insects as pets…basically my question is this: what make fun (small) pets?

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