Question by Divapom: Why are there so many ‘young people” wanting to start dog walking services?
It seems like multiple times a day I see young people on here asking about what to charge for dog walking as they want to earn some money. Some as young as 12 years old.

Where I live, no one pays to have their dogs walked. Also, if they did, I don’t know anyone who would allow anyone not bonded, under age and with little experienc to walk their dogs.

Is this a viable way for young people to earn money? Why do so many young people think this is a good way to earn money? Would you pay a non-adult, or anyone for that matter to “walk” your dog?

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Answer by CC
I think kids want to earn money but no where will hire them. Honestly I would not trust any unexperienced kid with my dogs, and without the kids knowing my dogs temperment.

I think that kids should mow the neighbors lawn or something like that

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