Question by CRS: Why is it that “pit bull” bashers spout off about facts and statistics?
yet NEVER produce any? They don’t even understand that a “pit bull” is not a breed but rather a term that refers to more than one breed (I won’t say which one’s… maybe some basher can do some research and enlighten me)

PLEASE feel free to bash this (ahem) breed… and provide some statistics (from reliable sources of course) while you do!
I agree that it is irresponsible owners who should be bashed 100%. never simply a breed.
I apologize for not including the other “big meanie doggies” too. My short-sightedness is due to the fact that my “Pit Bull” was eating my hand while i was trying to type… :-)
Ahhhhh Hala L… a breath of fresh air. there you are, and gone again… no facts :’-(

Gringo…. you got ONE sweetie… I asked for three please! (they are usually grouped together as one therefore the 3 breeds usually make the statistics look a little bit.. should we say biased?)

and thank you Christine, but caring owners are not necessarily responsible owners. you should know this
Ahh thank you Geoff… actually the three breeds are the Am Staff, the APBT, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. You have yet again proven my point.. see the Indian Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and the Dogo are examples of a few of the breeds that are commonly mistaken for “pit bulls”
PS. I live no where the “ghetto” and I have an APBT.
So tell me about their bite strength.
Tell me about their “locking Jaw”
Tell me how their brains swell up until they go mad.
Tell me whatever you want, but please cite some references for your claims. That is all I am asking. You seem like an educated guy, yes? then you know every claim should have at least three good references!
Thanks veggie… so you are saying that “pit bull” bans don’t include Am Staff’s or Staffies… okay.

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Answer by barb s
Most people are like sheep, or cows…they follow whoever is in front of them and very few stray away to find a path of their own, whether it be pit bashing, or designer dog hunting.

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