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Cool, arent they?…

i need help finding a goog pet, but it has to be a speacial pet can someone please help me find a good pet for me, please!…

kidee and bamboo hangin out

kidee and bamboo…. hanging out… then bamboo decides he would rather look at himself in the mirror… Continue reading this item...

Ocean Education Just for Kids Comes to kidthing Via Award-Winning Dive Into Your Imagination DVD Series

Dive Into Your Imagination video series at kidthing

Los Angeles (Vocus) December 10, 2008

Dive Into Your Imagination and kidthing, the first and only digital media player for just kids and families, today announced a content distribution partnership to make the Dive Into Your Imagination video series available to download exclusively at kidthing beginning today.

Filmed and produced by “ocean environ-educator,” Annie Crawley, this award-winning video series introduces kids to the amazing wonders of the ocean, taking them on a highly entertaining and beautifully filmed live action undersea adventure… Continue reading this item...

Chameleon eats worm.

Chameleon eats worm… Continue reading this item...

a few people have told me i should get it online but i prefer to get one in person. that way i can hold it and check it out and make sure it is ok before i buy it. but if i cant find a shop is there a good website to go to other than… Continue reading this item... | 3 Comments

Were there issues with them? Just wondering.
UGH! WAS there an issue with them?
DOH! I guess that makes sense. I don’t want one. I thought maybe they were spreading germs or going extinct or something… Continue reading this item... | 5 Comments

What is a good reptile for a pet?

I have been wanting a pet for a while. Something like a reptile or and amphibian… I want something you can hold and interact with.

What are some suggestions that fall in that catigory? Also why are those good pets?
(Do not want a snake, so please do not suggest them.)

Thanks!… Continue reading this item... | 7 Comments

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