Talking Tom & Ben News lol bad dog Hahaha

So funny! Talking Tom & Ben News – app for iPhone and iPad.
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Dog whisperer Cesar Millan has defended himself against claims that he is cruel to animals. The allegations were made recently in a TV interview with present…
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Question by GFT- Out To Lunch :-P: How much chocolate can you feed a dog without killing it?
I’m watching my mother in laws dog, and I gave him a chocolate chip, now he keeps BARKING like crazy so I keep giving him more…

I know dogs aren’t supposed to have chocolate, how many is too many? He’s a very small dog.

NOt a joke, actually. Thanks.

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Answer by EddieJMilk chocolate contains far less of the problem chemical.

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Question by ?shelter puppies rule?: what is the most common dog breed or mix in your local shelters?
By me it’s basset hounds, beagles and black labs that I’ve seen the most in shelters. I live in the north east US. The other day someone said chihuahuas are extremely common in their I was just wondering
I hardly see pit pr pit mixes either! i figure there must be a lot of good rescues for them around here though

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Answer by ladystangpit

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Service dog news April 14 to 20

I talk about this week’s service dog news. Subscribe for these videos every saturday plus more educational service dog videos. My website: http://www.doggoes…
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how did pit bulls get such a bad reputation?

Question by blue s: how did pit bulls get such a bad reputation?
I was just wondering its seems like everything I hear about them is how they always attack, are they all really that bad?

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Answer by mheather83No, one word…MEDIA

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FEMA 5616 (9-11 SAR Dogs)

FEMA 5616 (9-11 SAR Dogs)
canine news
Image by smiteme
New York, NY, September 21, 2001 — Rescue workers work with dogs to search for victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

Photo by Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo… Continue reading this item... | 2 Comments

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