The same employees have worked at this shelter for years. The GA State Dept of Ag has turned a blind eye to the cruelty in GA shelters. Walker County was burying animals alive and the GA Dept of Ag did nothing when we reported the crimes. GA Dept of Ag is in breach of contract of their duties at the animal protection division and tax payer funds to this dept are wasted. This is an x employee from Floyd County that loves animals and could not take what he witnessed at this shelter so he has come forward to speak about the cruelty at the Floyd County Animal Control. Open records should be pulled now. We have requested these records in the past and somehow… Continue reading this item... | 22 Comments

New Chaserball Alive Cat Dog Toy Motorized Weasel Ball

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Pets Alive is one of the oldest no-kill pet shelters in the US. With support from fans that include famous musicians, many pets are alive today because of your care! Give money, time, products, or a foster home today. Go to and see how you can help. Special thanx to a kind singer by the name of Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol. Info starts at 2 They can give to any charity. They chose Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary because they know the difference it will make to thousands of pets nationwide. They are true heroes. These caring individuals have started a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing funds for grassroots efforts which help pets and animals in need. Give anything you can to:… Continue reading this item... | 1 Comment

Snakes alive at the London pet show 2011

Snakes alive at the London pet show 2011

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London pet show Olympia 2011… Continue reading this item...

Pet Alive GlucoBalance for Diabetes Support

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Woman finds beloved dog alive in her burned-out home
A Boston woman who thought her dachshund was gone forever after a fire destroyed her apartment a month ago found the pet living in the wreckage of her former home.

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Okay, I have a pet goldfish and her name is Kelly.

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