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The ‘Purrfect’ Animal Shelter Supporter t-shirts and gifts with stop animal abuse and neglect message Great animal shelter fund raising t-shirts and gifts Dog and cat paws and heart, save a life

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Are there any laws against animal testing?

Question by Miss K: Are there any laws against animal testing?
I am doing a group project on animal testing and I clearly do not know anything about animal testing laws. Could anyone help me out?



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Answer by Angusnope so u could make as many tiger bear bats as u want *wink wink*

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Animal Shelter Birdhouse Wild Bird House

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Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter

Elizabeth Hess, a journalist and former art critic, walked into the Columbia Greene Animal Shelter in upstate New York looking for a new dog. Touched by the animals’ plight and the dedication of the workers, she began to volunteer at the shelter on a regular basis. In Lost and Found, Hess brings you behind the scenes in this thorough examination of the day-to-day workings of the shelter. From the weekly adoption days, when families come to find a new dog or cat, to investigations of animal abuse

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Animals at the Gordon County Animal Shelter

Animals at the Gordon County Animal Shelter

Image by zane.hollingsworth
Gordon County Animal Shelter
———Shooting Data————–
Camera:NIKON D7000
Lens(35mm eq.):54
SS:1/500 @ f/4.2… Continue reading this item...

Question by Selena: What does it cost to adopt a pet in montgomery county animal shelter?
I heard it cost like 40 dollers on the news but does it reallly?

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Answer by KathleenDid you check to see if they have a website? It would include details like that.

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