Question by animal_artwork: Have you ever been turned down by a shelter? Would you do something different (leave out info) to be approved
I wanted to adopt a middle-aged cat (8 years) from the county shelter. I specifically wanted a cat that was a bit “older”. I currently have 1 nearly 19 year old cat as well as 4 dogs (1 Samoyed and 3 Bernese) The cat is altered but the dogs are show dogs and are not.

Reasons why I am not allowed to adopt from that shelter:
1. I raw feed my dogs – apparently they feel this is caring poorly for my animals.

2. I own intact dogs and have bred them.. and plan on doing so again.

3. Its not “fair” to expect a cat to live with dogs.

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Question by JR: Anyone ever been inside a Pets Hotel? They will not let you in where the pets stay. Why?
What do the relief rooms look like? This looks sketchy to me. You only get to see the special rooms that face the lobby…why cant you see where they are “walked”? How long are they left in the relief area? What are the stacked cages in the dog area for? Are the pet hospital animals housed in the same facility?

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Answer by thischicki would never ever ever put my dog in a facility that doesnt let me see every square inch of where my dog would be staying. that is unprofessional and soooo sketchy. if you booked your dog to stay there, or if its there… Continue reading this item... | 4 Comments

Question by Shuggah Pie Sweets: Has anyone ever trained their cat to “take walks” on a cat leash?
Well, you know they have cat leashes at the pet store.
and I just adopted a kitten. When he gets older, just big enough for a cat leash, I’d like to ‘train’ the feline to become accustomed to walks outdoors so they get a taste of the outdoors.
back to original question~do u take ur cats on walks?
WELL THEY ACTUALLY DO HAVE CAT LEASHES FOR SALE AT THE PET SHOP, [guess she didn’t notice, heehee,lol]

Best answer:

Answer by Queen Sarcastic CatI have 9 cats, and they train me, I don’t dare train them, all indoors and all fixed. Good luck lady!

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Best science fiction novella/short story ever?

Question by WhiteWolf359: Best science fiction novella/short story ever?
I have to vote for my all time fave-“A Boy and His Dog” by Harlan Ellison. Still a classic! I also liked the original, serialized version of what became the novel “The Dying of the Light” by George R.R. Martin. The serial version was called “After the Festival,” I think. What’s your favorite?

Best answer:

Answer by ap1188I have to agree that “A Boy and His Dog” is definitely a classic. But my all time favorite would have to be “Shell Game” by Philip K. Dick. It’s a great exploration of the question, “What is reality?” And by the end of the story, we don’t really have a clear answer. Absolute genius.

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Question by Pocket Protecktor: Survey: Have you ever taken a test to determine your level of “fairness?”?
What would be the “fairest” punishment that fits the following crime…

A: Some homeless guy steals a $ 5.00 fishing lure, so the judge gets him to work for the Tackle Shop Store for a few hours?

B: Some homeless guy steals a $ 5.00 fishing lure, but it’s his “3rd Strike” and the judge gives him 18 years in prison?

C: Some homeless guy steals a $ 5.00 fishing lure, so after he dies a horrible death from starvation because he didn’t have a fishing lure to use to catch his meals, he’s gonna burn in Hell for all eternity?

Best answer:

Answer by JhuntCongratulations, Jhunt has touched your life!

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ASPCA Awards First Ever “Animal Hero” Award to Michael Ayalon of
The CEO of website design firm in East Meadow, New York, has been awarded the first “Animal Hero” award by the ASPCA for his role in increasing pet adoption rates in the United States through a new live video chat site. The award goes to the people who are working at the local level, touching the lives of animals in need and making a difference every day. These are the true heroes of animal …

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Has anyone ever been killed by their pet fish?

Dude, you know somewhere, sometime some idiot put a shark in a 50 gallon tank and one day it went mental and bit his face off during a feeding.

Or something like that…

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Cutest Surprized Kitty Cat Ever

Cute Little Kitty. Not my video , not my kitten. (C)rozzzafly… Continue reading this item... | 25 Comments

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