What can i do to stop kill shelters?

Question by Andy Andy: What can i do to stop kill shelters?
Am only 13 years old i was doing this paper about adopting animals but in my research i found out about how many animals are killed each year, i love animals but i want to make a difference i don’t wanna wait until i grow up.Is there something i least i can do?Or about stooping animal abuse.

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Answer by kouneliEducate people as much as possible. If you educate them about spaying/neutering, that’ll help. If you educate them about how to properly care for pets, that’ll help. Giving donations to shelters and rescues will also help cut down on the amount of animals put to sleep each year. Glad to know you’re willing to help. Unfortunately… Continue reading this item... | 8 Comments

Kill and No-Kill Animal Shelters

Do you only support no-kill animal shelters? Please watch this video for reasons why shelters that euthanase are vital for animal welfare. Kill and no kill animal shelters both have a place in our society.… Continue reading this item... | 4 Comments

Question by hoha: Kill shelters…What are the reasons they kill the animals?
I have tryed everything to give my cat a good home…i got engaged back home and i have to move there…unfortunatly my country will not allow andy pets to be taken in or out.(iraq). I have tryed shelters craigslist kijjiji websites and everything..i called a shelter that is a “kill shelter” I asked her what would make them euthanize my cat,,,i think she has ear mites so i dont want to take her there only to have her killed for something like tht…i love her to much…can u tell me what reasons they kill the cats and what are the requirements that make them euthanize them…sorry if that doesnt make sense…

P.S my cat is 4 years old, white… Continue reading this item... | 8 Comments

Why do people kill animals in “shelters”?

Question by John Bonham: Why do people kill animals in “shelters”?
If it is such a good thing to exist and “save” animals, why do they KILL them and call it humane? How does bringing animals into a place and killing them after a few days accomplish anything? Like couldn’t they just send them places and wait for somebody to adopt them?
Why not let them into the wild? They don’t have to be domestic…
Well dude, if you think about, neutering isn’t good, either. It still prevents a life. And like how would you like it?
And also, there’s billions of humans without good homes, and living on the streets and in the same condition. Should we kill them, too? And should we kill orphans, also?
Well dude, if you think about… Continue reading this item... | 5 Comments

Question by Coodles: What do you think of the name “No Kill Animal Shelter” for an animal shelter?

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Answer by LadyLindaLove it if it were true

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Animal Kill Counter

Animal Kill Counter

Dan Lipert~~The Animal Kill Counter is an application that tallies the number of animals slaughtered worldwide every second. Features:- Constantly updating timer- Cute original artwork- Pleasant and positive photography, quotes, and informationThe counter featured in this app is based off of 2003 statistics published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It should be noted that at the time the numbers were compiled, they were the MINIMUM number of animals killed each year—the actual numbers may be significantly greater due to the fact that some countries or territories did not report or excluded some statistics.The numbers only include land animals slaughtered for food for which records were taken. They do… Continue reading this item...

Many common household items can pose a threat to your pets. Even some items specifically meant for pets could cause health problems. To protect your pet, simply use common sense and take the same precautions you would with a child.
1. Rodent poisons and insecticides are the most common sources of pet poisoning.
2. Antifreeze that contains ethylene glycol has a sweet taste that attracts animals but is deadly if consumed in even small quantities; one teaspoon can kill a seven-pound cat. The HSUS recommends pet owners use a safe antifreeze in their vehicles. Look for antifreeze that contains propylene glycol, which is safe for animals if ingested in small amounts. Ethylene glycol can also be found in common household products like snow globes, so be sure to keep these… Continue reading this item...

Yea, it suck that animals have to be killed but isn’t more important to educated people about the problem? At the current rate, if there were no kill shelters, we would be stepping on animals as we walked down the road. It is the harsh reality. This is why fixing your pets is SOOOO important! Thanks on any answers. Please watch this movie if you care … http://brightlion.com/InHope/InHope_en.aspx
It is not registered breeders fault. Its all the people who think that it is striping the animal of some sort of diginty. As for the “TNR” program, I dont agree with that either. Those animals, like feral cats, are not natual. Kill shelters are not a ‘cheap’ way out. I work at a kill shelter. You know that kill shelters take in… Continue reading this item... | 7 Comments

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