A Cat Microchip seems to be the best way to search a pet cat and get him home fast when it gets lost.

An interesting statistics from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association reveals that fifty percent of the microchip implanted pets like cats as well as dogs are rejoined with their owners from the animal shelters. This clearly indicates the importance of a Cat Microchip as well as a Dog Microchip in identifying the pets as and when they are lost. Thanks to the innovative technique offered by the field of electronics to the pet owners as well as the animal kingdom. Importantly it is responsibility of the pet owners to register the contact information with the database of the microchip service providers. A mere implantation of a Cat Microchip will not serve any purpose to the pet owners.

Why A Cat Microchip?

When it comes to pet animals there is always an element of risk that pets can get out of home and become lost. Such situation can happen to all pet owners no matter how closely they monitor their pets especially the cats.

Incidents like natural disaster, an emergency beyond the scope and control of the pet owner, main gates left open are all the possible ways for the cats being missed their homes and finally land in the animal shelters which are far away from their homes.

A Cat Microchip is undoubtedly a boon for such pets as well as the pet owners and the tine gadget makes the reunion of the pets with their respective owners.

Tag Vs Microchip

The traditional pet collar tags for cats and dogs can easily be detached after a period of time. Whereas implanting a Cat Microchip is considered to be permanent solution in identifying the pet cats. As the awareness of this innovative gadget many animal shelters, vet clinics and many rescue groups are religiously scan for the microchip when the lost animals are brought to them. It is here the microchip plays an important role in identifying the lost pets.

Registration Is Mandatory

While buying the Cat Microchip, the service provider will insist the pet owners to resister the details of the pets as well as the contact details of the pet owners which will be uploaded in the database of the service provider. This is the most essential part of the process apart from implanting the microchip under the skin of the pets which is normally done by the vets.

If your dog breaks out, or if anyone steals it; it can be retrieved back if you implant your dog microchip. A pet microchip is a tiny computer chip about the size of a grain of rice, which has an identification number programmed into it. For more information on dog microchip, visit – http://www.mobilemicrochipping.com.au