What Pet Rescues and Shelters Face

The pet breeding industry is thriving today and it’s one of the fastest growing domestic markets. Over the past five years, the number of pet breeders has increased by at least 20 percent. As a result of the breeding effort more and more people are purchasing pets they later decide they don’t want. These unwanted pets end up in shelters and rescues. Unfortunately many of these unwanted pets end up being destroyed for lack of interest in adoption. Pet rescues and pet shelters need to work on educating the public and increasing their exposure to potential adopters

The Benefit of a Website

Pet rescues and pet shelters should not underestimate the power of an online presence. A simple and professional website will increase exposure of your rescue or shelter to potential pet adopters. The website does not need to be expensive, graphics-heavy or fancy, a simple site will do as long as it is easily maintained and will encourage interaction between potential adopters and the pet rescue or shelter.

Pet Classifieds & Other Advertising Opportunities

You should make use of websites such as FindAPetOnline.com which offer free 6-month and 1-year ads (renewable at no cost) to pet rescues and pet shelters. Some of these sites offer potential adopters the ability to search by proximity to zip code therefore qualifying your potential contacts. Online advertising and online classifieds are the first place many prospective pet adopters now look. If you are not advertising your shelter or rescue online you are limiting your exposure and ability to place those pets that ultimately face termination. Another item to note is that pictures increase interest in pets. If you place ads online, include pictures. Ads with pictures will receive up to 7 times the number of inquiries as ads without pictures.

Other Opportunities

Building various online profiles on social networking sites can also help you network with other shelters and rescues. If you have licenses or are affiliated with national rescue and shelter organizations, (i.e. you’re a duly registered veterinarian who also owns and operates a shelter or rescue) make sure that you indicate the same in your profile. This can help build your reputation.

Register with various online forums and engage in discussions. Don’t hesitate to help educated people who are searching for pets or those who need help on how to take care of their new companions.

Pet shelters and pet rescues need to consider the Internet and other media to aide in optimizing successful pet placement.

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