The exotic hedgehog pet has had no trouble in capturing the eyes of the public. The many little spines, curious and friendly nature, and of course that constant smile they always seem to have on tiny little faces, has made them an adoration of millions around the world.

Many in Britain, Europe and sects of Africa have long been captured within the charm of the hedgehog pet. British illustrator/author, mostly famous for the tale of Peter Rabbit, had also written the charming story of a hedgehog named “Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle”, a dignified washerwoman. In Britain, there is a wildlife hospital devoted to the rescuing of injured and sick animals. The hospital is named after this character.

The hedgehog craze only begins here. It was only until recent that these sweet little critters were discovered by the American eye. Thanks to the efforts of breeders across the nation, the African Pygmy hedgehog has been inside thousands of welcome homes, in the pouches of happy owners. You may be asking why there is such interest in the hedgehog petâ?¦

Aside from the docile, amusing nature these creatures possess, hedgehogs generally adapt to almost anyone’s schedule and lifestyle. As diurnal (awake at random intervals during both day and night) creatures, much like house cats, almost anyone can have time in their busy schedules to enjoy them. They don’t need a whole lot of room in their little habitat. Their food requirements are easy to meet, and as a solitary creature, the hedgehog pet doesn’t really require another animal’s companionship.

Dissimilar to Guinea Pigs, hamsters and other rodents, a hedgehog pet will not give off of much of an odor as they’re quite easily litter-trained. They also have a much longer life-span, especially under proper care which can result in a good 4-7 years of longevity. On top of that, they don’t even require immunization shots, and are highly resistant to diseases. It’s easy to see why hedgehogs are so easily considered the perfect pet!

The African Pygmy hedgehog is pretty small in size compared to their English cousins. The average adult weighs in generally between half-a-pound and one-and-one-fourth pounds. They’re five to eight inches long which is just about the size of a Guinea Pig. Occasionally, an adult will grow to as much as two pounds without being considered “fat” while some others might be as little as 6-7 oz. Breeders are attempting to focus on this difference with the goal of eventually having two general sizes of hedgehog pet.

They have this relaxed, quiet disposition which makes them delightful to hold and own. Each one coming with a different personality and will even bond with their owner for life assuming you bought a socialized pet. Intelligent, amusing and lovable, the simplest things will put a smile on your face, such as leaving a toilet paper tube on the floor. Just watch what happens! The hedgehog pet is truly perfect in the pet market, and any lover of small animals should consider purchasing one.

The Hedgehog Pet